How to write essay in exam

One of the assignments in the exam is an essay. This is known to every student who at least once passed the exam, but not everyone understands how to properly prepare. To understand how to write essay in exam, you need to familiarize yourself with certain requirements.

In the assignment, it is required to write an essay on a given, as a rule, socio-economic topic, taking into account the initial ideas, or as they are also called “methods for considering the topic,” that is, special notes on the topic. Also, auxiliary ideas can be presented, which, at the request of the examiner, can be used in the essay. As a rule, these additional ideas are presented in the form of statements of other people on a given topic. These statements are direct speech, that is, if the dealer will use them, then he should paraphrase them in the most academic language, adhering to the requirements of the formal style. That is, it is necessary to rephrase, avoiding grammatical abbreviations, phrasal verbs and idioms, choosing more neutral colored vocabulary.

An exam essay tests certain skills of the dealer. You will need the ability to build arguments on a given topic, the ability to express your opinion clearly and support your idea with examples, the ability to adhere to the formal academic style of writing written works, the ability to organize your answer logically, correctly dividing into paragraphs, and the ability to accurately and correctly choose lexical and grammatical facilities.

The purpose of the essay is to discuss a specific topic, express personal opinion and present arguments and reasons for substantiating this opinion.

One of the typical mistakes occurs when a student considers the topic of an essay in full, and without breaking it into subtopics, while losing time and not revealing the topic of an essay in full. Read all instructions and introductory text carefully along with ideas to consider. Reread the question carefully, try to understand. Decide which two of the three methods for the given topic you will disclose and you need to decide whether you will refer to the statements presented in direct speech. Write theses in the form of a plan that would reveal your opinion on the topic and methods for solving the problem on the topic of the essay. Then, write the answer according to plan.

When finished, you should check the answer and try to find errors, if any. Also, do not forget to count the words. If there are less than 220 words, then you need to add something to the output. Make sure there are no more than 260. It is undesirable to exceed the word limit.

It is also important to divide the essay into paragraphs. The first paragraph is an introduction where we talk about our opinion and situation on a topic. In the second and third paragraph, it is necessary to disclose the selected methods and ideas, which are presented in the text of the essay, giving arguments. In the final paragraph, you need to summarize, which in essence is your opinion and you must choose the most effective method for solving the problem of essays.

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