Write essay conclusion

Writing an essay from scratch is not as difficult as it may seem, but many students face difficulties when it comes time to write an essay conclusion.

The first thing you need to know before you write essay conclusion is that a conclusion is the least important part of your essay. You just need to repeat what you have already written. In other words, there should not be any new information in the output. Is it that simple? Unfortunately, this seems only at first glance. In words, everything is always very simple, but in practice, everything turns out to be much more complicated.

If you do not have time, one sentence is enough. The main thing is to finish the thought and put an end to the essay. But you cannot write any sentence and make it the conclusion of the whole essay. The present conclusion should give the text a sense of completeness. This is enough if the examiner decides what grade you deserve without even reading to the end. However, if you have more time at your disposal, it does not hurt to add the last few touches to the output.

No, you do not need to write a voluminous paragraph repeating everything that you already wrote earlier. Moreover, if you have so much more time, it’s better to do the main part of the essay. Ideally, the conclusion should consist of several sentences. To achieve such a result is quite simple, you just need to follow a certain algorithm of actions and know how to draw conclusions from all the work done.

In the first sentence, describe the topic again. In the second sentence, rephrase the main idea of ​​the essay. In the third sentence add “final chord”. We illustrate this “recipe” in action with the following example: Knowledge is power. In agriculture, medicine, and industry, for example, knowledge has liberated us from hunger, disease, and tedious labor. Today, however, our knowledge has become so powerful that it is beyond our control.

For example, you wrote a quality essay on how information got out of the control of a person. Most likely, you talked about the rapid development of Internet technologies. The time has come to make a conclusion. It is not necessary to repeat individual thoughts from the main text, but it is also not forbidden.

“Knowledge can liberate us, but it can also limit us. Yet, today knowledge has become so vast as to become unmanageable, and ultimately beyond our control. Unless, we can find a way to once again ensure that knowledge works for us, it will inevitably work against us. “This will be quite enough to make the conclusion of your essay informative, but not too voluminous. It contains all the important information from the entire study. The ideal conclusion is the one after reading which, the reader will be able to immediately understand what was discussed in the main part of the essay, and also see the conclusions that you came to during the study. You can also order the final part for your essay or an entire essay on any topic on the site.