Write essay in hour

Many students, in order to learn how to write high-quality essays, resort to the help of tutors, various teaching textbooks and other support programs. As a rule, everyone has one scheme, since tutors work according to textbooks, and materials for textbooks are collected by the same teachers who collect information for books from their own experience.

As a rule, the teacher first discusses the topic of the essay with the student, trying to understand what the student himself is. They try to bring the necessary arguments and arguments that could be used in the essay. In general, the preparation of the essay follows a given structure (introduction, main part, additional parts, if necessary, and the final part).

Further, the teacher tries to make small abstracts and notes with the student. Many professors ask you to draw a sheet in two halves and write down the pros and cons or “my opinion” and “the opinion of others” if this is an essay in which you need to express your opinion. This method also works for other essays, just on each half of the sheet of paper you write out certain facts and your opinion.

Next, you need to come up with an introduction, and it in no case should be repeated word for word with the topic itself. Therefore, the first sentence can be generalized using various speech turns. It is also a good way to learn how to use different speech turns in life. Using an already written table with facts and arguments, you need to distribute them throughout the text. In the second paragraph, the student expresses one point of view and gives two or three arguments. In the third paragraph, the student already gives the opposite opinion with one or two arguments. This paragraph cannot consist of one sentence; there must be several sentences.

And finally, the conclusion, which in principle is given most easily, since the whole topic is disclosed, once again we simply emphasize our opinion, without forgetting to indicate that there are two points of view on this problem or just draw a generalized conclusion of the study.

The composition is ready! But you always need to check certain points in the text to make sure that there are no errors. It is necessary to check the volume of the essay; also, in each paragraph, various means of logical communication should be correctly used. It is important to check once again the composition for the correct use of grammatical constructions, the tenses of the verbs, so that the sentence always has the subject and predicate, correctly selected prepositions and articles, whether the vocabulary is chosen correctly, whether the necessary punctuation marks are everywhere. Always adhere to the principle of “better easier, but correct.”

By following these common rules, you can easily write essay in hour without much effort. Depending on the type of essay, these rules may vary slightly, but otherwise this algorithm of actions is universal.

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